Sunny Center Outreach


Wherever the injustice of wrongful convictions has impacted on people’s lives, the Sunny Center extends their healing program, experience and expertise so that these benefits can be brought to everyone who needs them, around the world.


Not just exonerees

Although Sunny and Peter initially focused exclusively on exonerees, they now realize that what they have to offer can benefit anyone struggling with the injustices and inequalities of life in these times. They have made their videos available to the general public.


When they can, they lead healing retreats in the USA and other parts of the world for those who cannot come to Ireland. And, they are in the process of creating a training program for people to offer retreats to exonerees in the US and elsewhere.


Help online

Sunny offers support, healing and relaxation exercises via videos, WhatsApp, and Zoom.


Relaxation exercises

Sunny shares guided relaxation techniques every week, available online through The Sunny Center social media, YouTube channel and website, as well as by email to their supporters.



Sunny’s Stolen Time and Peter’s About Time are available.

Sunny and Peter, as well as a team of various experts, are working on a manual to help exonerees and those working with them use the methods they themselves have benefited from over the years, and which have been proven to be successful by others experienced in the field as well.

To read: Stolen Time

In 1976 a 28 year old mother of two and her partner were wrongfully sentenced to death by the Florida courts for the murder of two police officers. Sunny Jacobs would not taste freedom again for 17 years, by which time her two children were estranged, her parents were dead, and her partner had been executed.

To read: About Time

Law and justice are not always one and the same. On the 27 November 1980, Peter Pringle waited in an Irish court to hear the following words: ‘Peter Pringle, for the crime of capital murder … the law prescribes only one penalty, and that penalty is death.’ The problem was that Peter did not commit this crime. Facing a sentence of death by hanging, Peter sought the inner strength and determination to survive. When his sentence was changed to forty years without remission he set out to prove his innocence. Fifteen years later, he is finally a free man. This is his story.