‘Send them green.’ A special message from a Sunny Center supporter!

Sep 1, 2022 | News, Newsletter, Testimonials

Michael Fox is one of our dear supporters and friends. He recently visited us at The Sunny Healing Center, and he wrote a lovely missive that he wants to share with you all.

Please read on and enjoy. And thank you, Michael, for your love and support!

Sending Green.


Michael H. Fox

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest at the Sunny Center this past July. My first trip to Ireland, it always is a magical moment to visit friends who live overseas. Insights and observations of locals add so much to the experience. I loved the countryside of Connemara, but was surprised to hear Peter explain that those who originally settled the area did not come by volition. Most were exiled by Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell vowed to send the Catholics to Hell or Connaught, the western state. Life is much more austere here. And the weather can be unkind.

A word of advice before you visit Ireland–do not expect to find corned beef and cabbage. Freely available at Irish pubs throughout the States, and the favored cuisine on March 17th, as a resident of Japan I was slightly disappointed. On the other hand, Sunny prepared some lamb burgers–a new delicacy which I savored.

I am a wrongful conviction researcher, and anti-death penalty advocate. I have never been incarcerated, but like those who have spent “Stolen Time” in prison, I battle many demons from the past. Spending time in Sunny and Peter’s presence was a great catharsis. I continue to be healed by her magical videos on yoga, breath, and life.

Peter told a great story. While inside, he was training in meditation with a private psychic teacher. One time, just before the weekly 30 minute period session finished, a vitriolic guard terminated the lesson and spewed verbal abuse at them. Peter could care less about hearing this individually, but he became enraged at vile language spoken to his tutor. He was on the cusp of pulverizing the screw, but his teacher tranquilly intervened and defused the situation.

As they left the room, she advised, “Peter, send him green.”

Peter pondered the statement. What did it mean? He sat alone and recollected the vast rolling Irish fields, the green scenic beauty of the country.

Later that day, the guard appeared and apologized. “Peter, I am really sorry about today. I was under stress and overreacted.” Peter was somewhat stunned. “I don’t remember the guards ever apologizing, or even addressing me by my first name.”

His instructor came again the following week. She had also heard some remorse. She commented, “You sent him green, didn’t you!”

Green is the color of the heart chakra, which rules our emotions. Sunny makes frequent comments about breathing deep into this place. Let us absorb this lesson. And when we have difficulties with others, let us not fret. Instead, “Send them green.”

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