One Year On, A Silver Lining During the Time of Covid

Mar 17, 2021 | News, Newsletter

Finding a connection even during social distancing.

Connection is at the heart of what we do at The Sunny Center. And the pandemic, while making it harder to connect for everyone, made things especially hard for Exonerees. Whether they were recently released or have been free for years, Exonerees already felt isolated in a world which moved on without them while they were locked away.

The enforced isolation was very hard for many of them, and Peter and I were busy trying to help fellow Exonerees while simultaneously having to stay home and out of contact from others.

But despite the challenges that Covid presented, we also discovered the silver lining. Our connections with other Exonerees, and with other people who could help them, actually GREW! We were able to increase a part of our program, reaching out to Exonerees remotely, much earlier than we had planned.

We regularly keep in touch with Exonerees by phone and over the internet using email, chat, and Zoom—whatever technology they are most comfortable with. We started an online group for women Exonerees to share their unique challenges and address their needs. We even started a Wish List program so that Exonerees could receive things they needed to move toward having a normal life again. And thanks to our volunteers and support staff, we were able to bring Exonerees to live at The Sunny Healing Center in Tampa.

We’ve been able to connect with others who are working to help Exonerees, to share information and ideas. People like Aaron in Detroit and Raymond in Ohio, who are each trying to find housing for Exonerees in those regions. This was another dream that we had, to connect to fellow Exonerees who are also trying to help, and to build a network through which we can quickly get Exonerees the help we need.

Much of this is still in the early stages, but the forced social distancing of the past year moved these dreams forward. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we are on the path.

We couldn’t have done all of this without you! The support from our subscribers, donors, and advisers has been fantastic. You are the wheels that keep The Sunny Center’s mission moving forward.

The coming year is an incredibly important one for The Sunny Center. Help us build on these new connections to create a network that will help Exonerees to heal, recover, and rebuild their lives. Your donation does incredible things for Exonerees. Thank you.

Support for Exonerees

If you are an Exoneree who needs someone to talk to, or needs help in some way, contact us. Even though we are not yet allowed to travel or bring others to us, we can connect over the phone or online.

Peace and Love,
Sunny and Peter

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A Happy, Healthy and Healing New Year to All

Love has no barriers and no limits. And neither does our gratitude for your continuing support and friendship. Know that you are never alone, because you are part of our family.