February Newsletter

Feb 14, 2017 | Uncategorized


Dear Friends of The Sunny Center,

February is the month dedicated to love and so it is a wonderful time to express our gratitude for all the love and support we feel from our friends and supporters from around the world. 

It is also a fitting time to invite you to consider showing your love for the work of The Sunny Center or honoring someone you love with a donation to The Sunny Center. We are truly grateful for any and all gestures of generosity.

Filmmaker preparing a drone to take aerial footage of The Sunny Center.

We hosted three days of filming with an Italian film crew working on a documentary about people who have been wrongly convicted. The filming included drone footage of The Sunny Center.
We are also busily finalizing our schedule for hosting guests in the coming year. 

Cat watching the chickens through the window. 

We are busy doing outreach and aftercare, scheduling a roster of volunteers for the coming year. Our volunteers are such an important part of the Sunny Center community and contribute so much to help the center run smoothly and efficiently. We are grateful for their help and would like to remind our supporters that we are still accepting applications for volunteers. If you are interested, we have an open call so please contact us.  

Sunny and Peter at Amicus training in London.

We spent three days in the UK doing a talk at the University of Liverpool, two talks in Manchester, two talks in London at a major law firm and a training for young lawyers to work on death penalty cases in the US for Amicus, a non-profit organization. 

Peter’s interview on Jason Flom’s Wrongful Convictions podcast will be aired live on February 20th. We hope you will all tune in or catch it later online.



​Lily enjoying herself.

Our herd of goats keeps us in milk, cheese and yogurt. They are also great company and give us, our guests and volunteers great pleasure. Sadly, we lost a member of our goat family when Lily died unexpectedly this week. But hopefully, a recent visit from the wild goats will bring new kids this spring. 

Sunny and Peter enjoying dinner with Amicus supporters and volunteers in the UK.

We are planning for a busy year of new developments at the Sunny Center in the months ahead. Much travelling is planned. We have guests arriving starting next month. And, of course, we hope to enlarge our circle of supporters and friends. We hope you will stay in touch.

We send you peace and love,

Sunny and Peter 

Wishing You a Summer of Healing, Hope and Joy

While the start of summer certainly feels much calmer and more certain than it did last year, plenty of activity is going on at The Sunny Center!

More Than 2,700 Exonerees Need Your Help

The need for resources and change within the system is immense. But together, we can start making a difference right away!

You Can Make A Difference for Exonerees Right Now

We are happy and hopeful that we can soon return to working in person with fellow Exonerees. But you can help us right now, even from far away.

You Are Beautiful

It doesn’t matter what shape you are or what size you are. It matters how you feel inside. You are who you are. That’s you. The beauty comes from the energy that you radiate from within.

Exoneree Terry Wanzer, In His Own Words

Terry Wanzer was exonerated in 1996. But it took more than 24 years for the state of Georgia to clear his record. Read Terry’s story.

Celebrating Spring With Our Furry & Feathered Friends

With spring well underway, we thought it a great time to update you on how all of our friends at the Healing Center are doing!

Our Activism: Moving the Needle for Exonerees

March was another great month for activism. We got the word out about the struggle that Exonerees face after being freed, and raised awareness of the need for housing, counseling, medical care, and more – all the things that humans have a right to, and that have been denied to Exonerees for so long.

Watch: Dealing With Grief

It seems these days there is more and more to grieve about: the loss of our normal way of life, the inability to gather together. And sometimes we have to grieve over the emotions that we have to put aside until another time.

One Year On, A Silver Lining During the Time of Covid

Finding a connection even during social distancing. Connection is at the heart of what we do at The Sunny Center. And the pandemic, while making it harder to connect for everyone, made things especially hard for Exonerees. Whether they were recently released or have...

Exoneree David Stonecypher, In His Own Words

David Stonecypher was exonerated in 2019 after more than a decade behind bars in the Philippines. Like many Exonerees, he is facing the challenge of building a new life in a world that has changed dramatically while he was struggling to prove his innocence.

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